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Better Butt(er) Cream
Better Butt(er) Cream
Better Butt(er) Cream

Finally a diaper cream that you can use when your baby has a yeast infection, that will NOT irritate it!  Safe to use on cloth diapers.  Contains no Essential Oils, only conditioning oils and butters including:  Hemp Butter, Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Oil and many more.  We have added Grapefuit Seed Extract in it, then we triple whip it to give it a fluffy appearance and super smooth texture.   Fragrance free.

*Packaged in 2oz Tubs

*Some reviews:   "I just wanted to thank you for your better butter cream!  I don't know WHAT I'd do without it!  My daughter has a SUPER sensitive bum, and for some reason the your salve will help keep a rash away to a degree, but it won't take it away and if I don't get at least one dose of cream on there a day instead of salve, as well as a good dose at night, she will be all red.  
I just wanted to tell you she's just started going into spit up and drooling overload, and I've been doing my best to keep her clean and dry but I guess not good enough.  It's tough because she's got some serious triple chin action!  Anyway, yesterday I was alarmed when we noticed way under her chin where you can't see was bright red and spotted other places.  It looked awful.  We gave her a good, thorough bath last night and I thought, why not??  Couldn't hurt?  So last night while she slept and I knew she wouldn't be getting the area wet for some time, I put a little better butter cream on it.  I WISH I took before and after pics!  Unbelievable!  The red is almost all gone!  Just a little pink in a much smaller area today and no spots!  That stuff is amazing!  Thanks so much!  I don't know what I'd do without it!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for your product (Better Butt(er) cream).  We battle chronic yeast rashes with my 15 month old and Nystatin creams don't seem to be working anymore.  After using your product for 2 days the latest rash is gone!  I love the feel of it, it is so silky unlike most diaper creams."

"I love, love, love your Better Butter Cream and would love to carry it in my shop. My daughter had horrible yeast issues after prolonged antibiotic use. It was the ONLY thing that soothed her bottom."

"I just wanted to give you RAVE about your Better Butter Cream.  I have been using it on my sons yeast rash for about a week and his rash has finally gone away after almost 2 months. Thank You!! Thank You!!!"

"I love, love, love your diaper cream!  My baby had a horrible yeast rash we couldn't get rid of for months, and your Better Butter cream got rid of it in less than a week!  Thank you so much."

"I just wanted to write to tell you how much I love your better butter cream.  My daughter has very sensitive skin in the diaper area, and this cream clears it up every time!  We especially have problems after a round of antibiotics and a yeast rash develops.  This cream works as well or better then the medicated over the counter and prescription creams.  I love that it's all natural and very safe for her to use.  Thank you very much!"

"When I found your company I was looking for something to help clear up and stop my daughter�s nasty diaper rash. We were to the point of having to use strong antibiotic cream, yeast cream and over-the-counter diaper rash cream. This was causing serious problems with her cloth diapers. I found you by chance� Your Better Butt(er) Cream cleared up her rash within a week, even after treating her with medicated products for weeks. Your Diaper Rash Salve keeps her rashes under control. I use the Salve during the day and lather her bottom up with Cream at night. She loves her �cream�.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

" I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU!!!! I recently bought your better butter cream, shampoo bar the one for scalp problems and I LOVE them both!! After almost a year of battling yeast infections that didn't go away with otc creams or even oral yeast medications -I was ready to cry!! Our little guy had such a horrible rash from the yeast it was cracked and bleeding and after 2 and a half days of your cream - it's almost completely gone!!!! The shampoo bar I've only used once and already today I don't have near as itchy a scalp! We'll be coming back for more fantastic products!!!


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