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Shampoo Bars
Shampoo Bars

Made with natural ingredients:  All of our Shampoo Bars start with a base of Olive Oil. Olive Oil is great for your scalp, easily penetrating while making your hair full~bodied, shiny and silky soft.  We carry a combination of Shampoo Bars to suit your own personal needs, perfect for both men and women.

*Our Original Natural bars are made for Any Hair Type:  Lavender Essential Oil as a cleansing, balancing herb that works well with any type hair and scalp.  Tea Tree Essential Oil is very invigorating to the hair and scalp and encourages strong, healthy hair.  It also stimulates new hair growth by removing dead skin cells from hair follicles and increasing manageability and shine. 

*The All Natural Sweet Orange Hair Formula, we recommend for our customers with Normal to Oily Hair types.   Made with Sweet Orange Essential Oil, useful for oily hair to help to slow down scalp oil production. 

 *The All natural Lavender Rosemary bars are perfect for those who have Normal to Dry hair.  We add Shea Butter for the extra moisturizing benefits.  Lavender Essential Oil is added to stimulate hair follicles and soothing properties. Rosemary Essential Oil is used to help with dandruff from dry scalp and to help promote hair growth.

*Cherry Almond Shampoo Bars not only smell heavenly, they are great for Any Hair Type.   We added clays in the recipe for the added minerals with the benefits of the clays pulling out any impurities, leaving soft and silky hair. We then add our super popular Cherry Almond fragrance that everyone loves! 

Shampoo bars can last up to 5 times longer than commercial liquid style shampoo.

Type:Original (Any)
Sweet Orange (Normal to Oily Hair)
Lavender Rosemary (Normal to Dry)
Cherry Almond (Any)

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