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Spa Facial Masks
Spa Facial Masks

Our peel~off facial masks are spa quality.  They will leave your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.  We currently carry four different masks to meet your personal skin needs.

*Clean Complexion:  This mask contains Willow Leaves that contain natural salicylic acid, thought to reduce acne blemishes, and Tea Tree for it's germicidal and purifying properties. This mask leaves the skin clean & pores tightened.

*Lavender Hydration:  This mask contains Vitamin E and Provitamin A. Vitamin E to help improve the barrier function of the skin thus decreasing water loss, maintaining moisture and helping the skin become soft and supple. Vitamin A is thought to boost aging skin cell metabolism. It is also thought to protect skin from UV damage and prevent wrinkle formation.

*Vitamin Brightening:  This mask combines pure Vitamin C with other plant extracts. Combined, these active ingredients are thought to combat free radical damage & prevent the synthesis of melanin which causes dark spots on the skin.

Easy to use:  You only need 1 oz of powder to 2 oz of warm (65� F) tap water. Pour the water rapidly on the powder. Stir vigorously for 1 minute or until a well mixed paste is obtained. Avoiding the eye area, apply a thick layer of paste to the skin immediately using wet fingertips. Allow mask to sit for 15 minutes, peel off and wash away any mask left on the face.

*Each mask comes packaged in 2 sizes.

Mask Size & Style:2oz Clean Complexion $5.99
4oz Clean Complexion $10.99
2oz Lavender Hydration $5.99
4oz Lavender Hydration $10.99

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