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Planet Wise Wipes Pouch
Planet Wise Wipes Pouch
Planet Wise Wipes Pouch

The Planet Wise Wipe Pouch� features our patent pending no-leak design so your wipes will stay moist and not wick into your diaper bag.

  • Unique snap down design eliminates wicking from the zipper area
  • Most standard size wipes will fit into our Wipe Pouch� perfectly!
  • Made of the same high quality fabrics as our Wet Bags, this pouch will last and last
  • After you are done with the baby years, keep this pouch to use for just about anything you need to transport: make-up, toiletries, anything!
  • Wipe pouches are anti-microbial too!
  • Dimensions: 5.5"x9.5"

The Planet Wise Wipe Pouch� makes a great gift item and is a perfect compliment to any diaper bag. Match your Wet Bag and Wet/Dry Bags to create a coordinated set.

*This item is for the Wipe Pouch ONLY, cloth wipes are not included!

*Planet Wise Wipe Pouch Designs*
Designs:River Rock
Orange Woods
Pink Dots

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