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Natural Wipe Concentrate
Natural Wipe Concentrate

Our famous wipe solutions are packaged in a concentrated bottle, making them longer lasting and easy to use.  Made with gentle All Natural ingredients.....that include a mild Glycerin soap base, Therapeutic Organic Coconut & Sunflower Oils, along with beneficial Vitamin E and Essential Oils.   We carry our Original Wipe Concentrate and also a Sensitive Skin Formula, same great All Natural Solution, without the Tea Tree or Lavender Essential Oils.   For those little bums that are a bit sensitive, we have added other beneficial essential oils for a babies skin, that have a clean fresh citrus scent.  

Use it to gently clean and wash baby's bottom or for the entire family!  Works perfect for quick clean-ups for little hands and face, especially for families on the go.

*Wipe Concentrate is packaged in a  4oz Bottle.  Use your own bottle or for your convenience, we also offer three different style of bottles to mix your solution:  a 2oz Foaming Bottle, 8oz Foaming Bottle, or a 4oz Spray Bottle. 

*Some reviews:  "I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful wipes solution!! I just received my order of your TTO/Lavender free wipes solution and it is absolutely wonderful! This is the first wipes solution I have found that does not irritate my boys and I have tried many!  We were using plain water but that didn't leave them very fresh, I saw you offered your solution without TTO and lavender so I decided to give it a try, I am very glad I did!  Thanks again!"

Concentrates & Bottles:4oz Concentrate-Original $9.95
4oz Concentrate-Sensitive Skin $9.95
2oz Foaming Bottle(bottle only-contents not included) $2.99
8oz Foaming Bottle(bottle only-contents not included) $3.99
4oz Spray Style Bottle(bottle only-contents not included) $2.49

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