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Please check back often, as we will continue to update this page!  

When can I expect my order to ship? TOP

We do our best to ship out all our products as quickly as we can.  Due to everything being made "fresh to order",  most orders ship within 5~7 days (excluding weekends & Holidays).  Large orders or special requests may take a bit longer to complete. *Please note that during the Holiday season, orders may take a couple extra days to complete due to the demand of the season.

I can't pull my order up through the "Order Info" link? TOP

There is a glitch in our system that when two or more orders come through at the same time, only one receipt (to only one order) will be sent out through the site.  Be assured that ALL orders come through to us through our check-out, though not all make it to the site itself.

Are the Diaper Salves, Creams & Solutions safe to use on cloth diapers? TOP
Yes!  All of our diaper rash salves, creams, and wipe solutions were formulated to work on all cloth.  They will not cause staining or build-up.  

Are all Northern Essence products "All Natural"? TOP
Not all of our products are made with all natural ingredients.  You will find that the products labeled on the site as "All Natural", are just that! They are made from only all natural ingredients.  If you would like a list of ingredients for any product, please contact us and we will be happy to provide them for you. 

Why do the ingredients in my Wool Wash & Lanolin Mister separate over time? TOP
This is completely natural and all you need to do is to shake them both well, before each use.  Both our Wool Wash & Lanolin Mister are made with all natural products, therfore we do not use any type of emulsifiers in them.

What are the difference between Fragrance Oils & Essential Oils? TOP
A Fragrance Oil is mostly synthetic (artificial) or a mixture of synthetic and natural products combined.  Therefore Fragrance Oils are not considered natural.  Essential Oils are considered to be the "Natural" way to scent a product.  Essential Oils are made up of natural oils from the "essence" of a plant, fruit, the leaves, flowers, bark, berries, root, needles, peel, wood, ect..

How do I use the Liquid Wool Wash? TOP

Shake well, add aprox. 1~2 teaspoons to a sinkful of warm water.  Swish a bit, then add your cover(s).  Squeeze the cover several times to make sure it`s saturated, and then let it sit for a bit. After 15 minutes (30 is better), gently squeeze the water out of the cover - you may rinse with cool water if desired. Your cover is washed, mildly lanolized, and freshened.
*Never use extreme temperatures with your wool fibers & test on small area first!

*One of our great customers posted a video on her blog, on the ease and use of our Wool Wash.  You can find the video located here:

How do I use the Wool Wash Bar? TOP
 Wet wool and soap with warm water, very gently rub on wool or lather between hands and cleanse.....wring out well and lay to dry.  To extend the bars shelf life, allow soap to dry uncovered on a wooden soap deck.
*Never use extreme temperatures with your wool fibers & test small area first!

Do you offer Co-ops? TOP

Sorry, but we no longer offer any type of Co-ops.

Do you offer any sales or coupon codes? TOP
Yes, from time to time we will offer coupon codes to our Newsletter subscribers.  Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter located on our home page.  We always offer Free Shipping on all orders (excluding wholesale & Intrenational orders) over $75.00! 

How secure is my payment when placing it through the store? TOP
We only use Paypal for all payments made through the store.  PayPal automatically encrypts all your confidential information using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits.  This is the highest level of commercial protection currently available.  You do not need a Paypal account, nor do you have to apply for one in order to use our shopping cart through Paypal.

Is there a way to track my order? TOP
When your order is completed & shipped, you will receive and confirmation email with all your tracking information enclosed.  You can track your order, depending on how it was shipped via the UPS Web site or USPS Web site, using the tracking number provided.

Can I purchase Insurance on my Package? TOP

If you would like to add insurance to your USPS Domestic package, you will find it located during the check-out process of placing your order.  Please note that all orders shipped via UPS automatically include up to $100.00 insurance on your package.  **If you would like to purchase International Insurance, please contact us for for prices.

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